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All conscience, will, awareness, senses, perception and self altogether share one and the same outer body. This solid form or façade never was, is, could or shall really be them, despite being where and what they occupy; trapped inside and dependent upon there. But these contents also very much shape, run and use their host.

Over time and from wear, outdoor features and components weaken loose and come away. Eyes, nose, mouth and ears lost; arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers and tœs gone; same for genitalia. Change leaves behind exhausted and stagnant numb lump unit.

Meanwhile, drive never gave up or departed. Live force-fields, sheer energy and presence exceed material substance. Size and strength overcome mere shell and vessel.

Great escape plan, efforts and attempt pays off. After liberation, only unbound, limitless and self-renewing freedom follows.

Invincible powers won and mastered, greater than those before, can and will touch, feel, hold, see, hear, smell and taste, as well as physically move, activate, invent and enjoy any and every thing; no matter how otherwise inaccessibly far beyond out-of-reach, even if previously unknown — or still as yet to actually exist.

© Copyright, Douglas Park, 2013